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Team Building Workshop

Great way to Connect. This was a workshop with people who spend atleast 8 hours in front of screen. It is challenging because participants have almost forgotten or subsided their muscle memory to anything hands-on, tools or creative expressions. There is immense hand-holding, confidence building required to initiate the process. Finally interesting masks came out, but more than that the fulfilled and gratified people who were extremely happy with the overall experience was the best takeaway for us.

Workshop for Design Students

When it comes to designing workshop for design students its interesting when we impose certain constraints. Here the material provided was the first constraint. Focus was laid on understanding joineries, limitation of materials and good finish.

Personal Table

Joineries :: Fixtures :: Material Understanding When you work for the first time with a new material, you come across many surprise challenges. Sometimes small tips and tricks which comes with experience or if someone has given you at the right time makes all the difference. This simple looking product - floor table or as we call it 'chowki' is all about executing correctly. Participants were introduced to - marking correctly using the right tools. - jigs and fixtures makes the work easy and precise. - treatment of corners and edges - finishing the product.


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