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About Wood Craft Workshop

Wood Craft Workshop

Wood Craft Design Workshops is a wonderful opportunity for children to get first hand feel of wood and wood crafting. Workshop aims to create better understanding of wood as a craft. Wishes to develop more curiosity about objects around – what is it made of, how is it done etc. During the workshop children understand and experience some of the basic tools and processes like nailing, sanding, staining, painting and drilling involved in woodcraft, all under supervision.

Each workshop is designed with a different content, different learning and different experience, such that children learn different aspects of working with wood. At the end of the workshop children gain some sensitivity towards the intricacies of crafting with wood. All instruction, materials and equipment are provided. Child gets to take his or her very own creation.

About Design Circle

Workshops are held by Architect and Product Designers – Muralidhar Reddy and Ritu Sonalika. They have done their Product Design from highly acclaimed institute Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. They have their own Design cum Production Studio called Design Circle. Design Circle focuses on products made from timber. ‘Sustainable design thinking’ is their motto.

They not only conduct workshops for children but conduct regular hands-on workshops for grown-ups including corporate to help them get in touch with their creative side and experience the joy of doing things all by themselves.