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Who we Are

We are product designers who love working with wood. We strive to make furniture and products that are beautiful in their simplicity with a deep awareness of material and craft. 

Design Circle- Sustainable design thinking design + build unit dedicated to creating economically and ecologically sustainable design. we strive to make furniture and products that are beautiful in their simplicity with an acute awareness of the materials and crafts. 

We have a unique product line with a hands-on approach where we make use of materials primarily Timber that has been reclaimed, recycled, re-purposed, reused, or otherwise served their original purpose. 

We are constantly learning and unlearning about new materials and construction methods in order to come up with products that appreciate with time. 

What we Do

Design Circle is a production studio. Together, we lead a team that crafts furniture on a made-to-order basis. We specialize in minimalist designs and subtle design quirks that add plenty of suave to a piece.

You can come to us with a requirement or choose something from our website or from a catalog. Work tables with interesting details and conference tables too are part of their repertoire. We make elegant and functional furniture without over-designing it. Perfect for a 21st century home or office!

Once you’ve told us exactly what you want, we’ll put on our designing caps, present you with a sketch or two, and after your go-ahead, have it delivered between 30 and 45 days. We focus entirely on natural materials and solid wood. We also work heavily with reclaimed, recycled, and repurposed furniture. However, do note, that we only take on orders that can be made at our studio. So, tables, chairs, dining sets, and cots can be taken on but we are not the people to go to if you want, say, a wardrobe installed. Our price largely depends on the kind of product and design you are looking at. 

Often we hold creativity workshops in toy design, masking, and basic woodworking skills.

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